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What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl be? For ages 5-12, uses fiction to teach young girls that yes, a girl can be any kind of scientist! 

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Contact Information

​Director: Dr. Ruth E. Propper

Phone: 973-655-5447


Located in Dickson Hall 215


What We Do:

​Work in the laboratory examines hemispheric contributions to performance on cognitive, affective, and perceptual tasks.  Cognitive processes of particular interest include language-based episodic and semantic memory, spatial memory, local versus global processing, attention, and factors related to decision making and ease of persuasion.  Affects of interest include anger and anxiety in particular, and their effects on cognition.  Perceptual changes examined involve hemi-spatial biases.  Methodologies used include manipulations of hemispheric activity using various techniques, examinations of individual differences in handedness effects, and sleep.  

Graphic Courtesy Shaikat Hossain, Univ Texas

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